leaf smallDear Friend,

Are you recently divorced or widowed and need help organizing your personal finances?

Or are you a visionary type that focuses on the big picture and needs help with the details in organizing your personal finances?

Are you someone who wants freedom, prosperity, and peace of mind in your finances?

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, overloaded, and in the dark about how to handle the huge stack of mail, multitude of accounts, and myriad of decisions?

Wouldn’t you love a simple system of organizing it all, and perhaps someone to come along side of you who will actually do it for you?

I know I sure did!

Hi, my name is Laurie Johnson and after years of going it alone, struggling with the aftermath of divorce, I sought out guidance, understanding, and a clear strategy.

However, it was impossible for me to get that clear strategy.  WHY?  Because I had no readily accessible organizational system.

After years of struggling without one, I finally created my very own ~

Signature System for Simple Financial Organization.

But this system was not to benefit me alone!  Over the last 12 years, it has been the call on my life to help others:

  • Achieve an accurate snap shot of their financial picture
  • Never ask again…”Now, where is that paper???!”
  • Protect and grow their assets,
  • Gain peace of mind,
  • Make informed financial decisions, and
  • Prosper so they can be FREE to do what they love to do!

If you need someone to come along side you, help you get organized, simply, efficiently, and quickly, I would love to support you in your journey!

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Click here to find out more about my Do-It-For-You Program! 

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Whether I do it for you, or you do it yourself, you will LOVE my

Signature System for Simple Financial Organization!

May you have a blessed and prosperous day!